Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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by Salvador – Education and Health reform in Spain

In Spain, education is compulsory until the age of 16. If the student doesn’t go to school, his parents can go to the jail.

clase ordenador
All students between 3 and 16 years old go to school.

In Spain, 4 different languages are spoken (Català, Galego, Euskara and Castellano or Español (Spanish).with many dialects.
Spain is organized like the USA. There are 17 communities and two autonomic cities. Not all the communities recive the same money, and some communities are more rich than others. The state is giving 11 million euros to spend in education and health service.
In 2020 politicians say that all the schools will be fully modernized,
with one computer for every student.

One thing more: The Obama reform will be very good for people in the USA, I think that people who say that reform will be bad are ignorant.

nueva fe 1In Spain we only pay for medicines that doctors don’t give us in the hospital, but the prices of the medicines are inexpensive. (20 cent.€). Vaccines are free.

Almost everything is free. But there are lot of people in hospitals. Many people go to hospitals because they are bored and they invent a disease.


By Salvador – Electronic or paper books

e-book_paper book

An electronic book offers a multitude of possibilities. It doesn’t weigh very much, small and can store lots of digital books – representing a huge saving of space. But reading in front of a screen is not good for my eyes, I get very tired and my eyes really do hurt. I prefer paper books which are more comfortable when you are reading, and I feel the weight of the book in my hands.

By Salvador – Palestinian+Israeli company launches virtual operating system


Ghost, is a new virtual operating system that works from servers on the Internet. Instead of having the applications stored in the computer, G.ho.st users access them from any network in the world.

System Global Hosted Operating offers a free Virtual Computer complete Internet-based, including a desktop, personal files and applications from any browser, anywhere. G.ho.st user set-up comes with 15GB of file storage free. In the future they will provide additional capacity.

This system is one of the many entrants into virtual software going up against Google’s “Chrome” virtual browser.

By Salvador – Nanometer “computer on a chip”


Nanometer. Remember that word! Integrated systems dramatically reduce energy consumption and size. At the end of the year Nano-chips will go on sale – The external graphics card will be included within the new processors. The computer on a chip with the processor, graphics and management of the integrated memory. All in one.

Won’t be a dream because it will have enough space to hold all the data you want. We enter the era of systems fully integrated with small size, low cost, minimal power consumption and maximum performance, which will in turn design products truly autonomous, small, powerful and cheap.

By Salvador – Online Student


My father is a professor and my mother a teacher. They work in the university Miguel Hernandez of Orihuela. 
My father is a doctor agronomist and he teaches cold technology in addition to investigating. My father teaches an online course, where he uploads the material of the course on the webpage and there is a forum for students.

A part of the webpage is like the “Rise of the Technology Class.” blog. The students post their opinions and discuss coursework. My father is able to view all the posts, then forms his explanations back to the class.

If they have any problems they send an email to my father saying: “I will go to the university tomorrow and my father will explain in person the solution.

That is good for his students because it is very comfortable way to express their thoughts while they are studying. However, for a teacher who may not be as knowledgeable about a subject, it forces then to work a little harder to find the answers. Remember, in class students don’t always want to raise their hand asking a question, but at the keyboard on a blog, authentic questions appear that can help everyone. This is a great teaching tool.

blog board

blog board

Salvador – Google preparing operating system, OS Chrome


Google is preparing a new attack against its great rival, Microsoft, in its war in the  software market. Soon to be completed: its own operating system for PC which was announced about nine months ago.

The new system called Chrome OS is designed to also install on netbooks. “Speed, simplicity and security are key for Google OS Chrome. The OS is designed to be fast and light, to turn and take you to the network in a few seconds.” states googleblog.blogspot.com

The software will be offered online at the end of the year on an Open Source license, allowing it to be modified by any user. In addition, computers with the new operating system that are preinstalled will go on sale in the second half of 2010. The system is compatible with processors Intel and ARM.

Salvador – Facebook: Wife exposes next boss of UK Secret Service


On June 16 it was announced that Sir John Sawers, will be the next boss of MI6, the UK Secret Service.

The same day, his wife hung 19 photographs of their holidays on Facebook. Lady Sawers did not set privacy or safety settings and she made extensive use of the social network, where you can see their family and friends. She also posted the address of their friends and family.

Facebook “wall posts” from friends congratulate Sir John Sawers with the nickname “Uncle C”.  C, for chief, as he is officially called – of MI6

In my opinion, the wife of such a significant figure as the head of the Secret Service should have protected the privacy of the family. That can be a serious problem for Great Britain as much as an embarrassment.

Sir John Sawers

Sir John Sawers