Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Nikolas – Bitter Sweet

To me technology is bitter sweet. It has allowed for great success and has made life easier. On the flip side it has also consumed peoples lives and has, in some ways, made us lazy as a society. I have seen people go crazy without their cell phones and feel like they are missing out on something big whenever they do not have it. Whenever I don’t have my cell phone it is a very liberating feeling and Im not checking something every five minutes. So I love technology and the doors it opens, but I try not to depend on it too much.



  Aruna – Mumbai, India wrote @

I like your post. But we really don’t know life without a mobile phone. I read about newspapers having trouble in the United States because everyone gets their news from websites. There are so many people in India that we still read the newspaper. Newspapers are not dying. I agree…bitter sweet, but I am happy to be alive now. I don’t think about technology…I guess that’s the point. Our generation has a choice.

  Karla – Cicero, US wrote @

I think I have to agree, our generation has a choice to maybe use this technology we are provided and technology which we will innovate. Nevertheless, I don’t feel our ways to express these technology advances are the best. We have news everywhere, we are bombarded by information everywhere. Even our phones. However, we do have that choice to as Salvador said, “liberate” ourselves from suffocating technology.

  Nicole – Quito, Ecuador wrote @

mmmm i would have to desagree with.. i believe that is imposible to get “liberated” from technology because its all around us. its not only about phones or tv’s or computers its about everything around us. even a chair is technology, its all about making everyone’s life easier.

  Veena – Chicago, US wrote @

I agree when you say that technology has made our society lazier. Now, it’s not even necessary to go to the grocery store to get food, because you can order online and have it delivered. This is a great advance for the elderly or people with disabilities that make them unable to go out to stores as often as they need to, but I feel like it is seriously abused by the rest of the public, who use that service out of laziness.

  Salvador – Orihuela, Spain wrote @

In my opinion, what Nikolas says is true.

Technology makes our live easier, but we don´t have to depend so much on technology.
For example, if something serious happens to the internet, if it collapsed, it will be a great disaster, we´ll go back into the time.

We will lose everything, scientific advances, technology advances.

In Spain and In other developed countries, the paper format has already disappeared, new and old developments, classic books are in digital, everything is in digital format.

  Samantha – Santiago Papasquiaro, Mexico wrote @

I agree with you, technology has made us lazy in some way… For me, my social life is my mobile, i feel kind of lost if i forgot it or if i lose it… so, i guess technology is fine as always dont change our lifes for bad.

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