Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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From Cristo – Unlock our passwords when dead?

I never asked the question: What is supposed to happen with my accounts or files stored on virtual servers when I die?

Can my family members access the accounts either to inform people of the misfortune or to recover important data?

When you die your family can access your accounts. Virtual services do not have the same policies.  Yahoo! undoubtedly is among the toughest.  Google and AOL state they will provide access to an email account if the person submits copies of the death certificate and a “Power of Attorney” legal document is submitted. Microsoft claims that its policies allow relatives to gain access to the account of a deceased person if the relationship is proved.

Cristo – health and technology

Healthcare has improved in recent years because of better medicines, improved testing and improvements in technology – there are far less complications. New surgical instruments operate using measurement precision in microns.

Micron size

Micron size

(Micron, a micro-metre,a unit of length in the metric system:one millionth of a metre)

The medical community has undergone a major revolution through innovation because of machines, the inventions that have reduced risk. I believe there is a higher purpose of technology specifically for healthcare.

Medical Instrument

Medical Instrument

Cristo – cyber crime

cyber crime

cyber crime

The Internet has really become the only source for students to find information, but unfortunately not always used for the greater good. Cyber crime has changed in recent years, in exchange for the typical hacker to “scammers” supplanting of identity. Crime is widespread with illegal downloading which is what produces the greatest economic losses to businesses, unfortunately it is very difficult to find the criminals behind several IP (Internet Protocol) firewalls around the world. Successful teams find and report illegal discharges and other cyber crime but you should protect yourself. Change your passwords often and include symbols and numbers that are not typical or sequential. Mix it up to protect yourself. Facebook is hacked into everyday with identity theft.

cyber crime

cyber crime


cnn news spain

cnn news spain


Cristo – History of Armengola (typical orihuela)

ARMENGOLA-HISTORIATranslation to english:
The local Mudéjar concentrated with the kingdom of Murcia to sell knifes to Christian residents on July 16. Benzaddón wanted to exempt the mother and her family’s extermination against the Christians.  (The word Mudéjar is a Medieval Spanish corruption of the Arabic word Mudajjan مدجن, meaning “domesticated”, in a reference to the Muslims who have submitted to the rule of the Christian kings.)

La Mujer de Pedro Armengol was pierced with confidence. Decided to save his people with a clever ruse. Wear clothes made by two young daughters and Ruidoms Juan de Arnúm, and with them and her husband was in the citadel, the guards had their throats cut in the highest secrecy.

Armengol, wielding guns and fight like a man made wonders of value. The tower was crowned with a tribute to the cross in its highest battlements. The death of the warden, the fall of the castle in the hands of Christians and the news that the army was approaching the king savior Don Jaime Mudéjar prevented from implementing its planned slaughter.

Continuing the tradition established within the vicinity of Orihuela, the feast of the liberation of the city from the hands of Muslims is commemorated on July 17.

Cristo – San Fermín

“At first the bulls were not on this journey, but unspecified date in the butchers, to get the guild won (that is why they were reserved for the section of Santo Domingo), began to accompany the shepherds at work to guide the Bulls to the square and halter.”

Over time this became popular entertainment as men began to run in front of the animals. In 1852, the bull-ring built a stable at San Fermin location. Since 1899 spent the night in the Santo Domingo corrals.

This is a typical song of san fermín…

“Uno de enero, dos de febrero,
tres de marzo, cuatro de abril,
cinco de mayo, seis de junio
siete de julio, ¡SAN FERMÍN!
A Pamplona hemos de ir,
con una media, con una media,
a Pamplona hemos de ir
con una media y un calcetín.”

or from Google’s rough translator:

“One January, two in February,
March three, four in April,
Cinco de Mayo, six in June
seventh day of July, ¡SAN FERMÍN!
In Pamplona, we must go,
in half, with half,
We go to Pamplona
and with half a sock.”

Cristo – Nit de Sant Joan (The night of San Juan )

Six months after Christmas is celebrated the arrival of the summer solstice during the shortest night of the year. The feast of St. Juan Bautista is celebrated that day, June 24.

June 24th was the birth of San Juan. Ever since that night was identified as the night of San Juan, which coincides with the summer solstice and has inherited a number of practices, rituals, traditions and customs. Ever since the June 24 date is celebrated the birth of John the Baptist.

In the Night of San Juan is customary to give a walk on fire. Devotees prepare roads embers of two meters long and walk barefoot on them without damage. The celebration is accompanied with dances, meals and drinks.

> The big star of the night of San Juan is the fire, aiming not only to pay tribute to the sun, but also purify the sins of man.

> At dawn on June 24 it is believed that any water is pure and healing and provides protection.

> Religious people pray to attract soil fertility and their own.

Popular beliefs about the night of San Juan, which since antiquity has  been believed to have magical properties.

Cristo – Buried in co2 is possible?

Recently, the experts talk of alternatives to meet energy demand worldwide. Some of the names that are mentioned: nuclear, solar, wind, renewable.

And now, the new alternative is to capture and store carbon dioxide.

This technology requires trapping emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels in power plants and inject it into underground layers of the Earth. It is believed that CO2 emissions from China and India will double by 2030.

According to David King,  if we continue emitting carbon dioxide at current levels we are facing an enormous risk to the planet. Professor King has been an open supporter of nuclear power as a solution to reduce carbon emissions. But now says it is essential that the power plants around the world adopt the technology for storage of CO2. Particularly, he says, in large developing countries such as China, India or Brazil, which inevitably emit huge quantities of CO2 when consumed its huge coal reserves.

“This will be catastrophic, unless we can persuade these countries to catch CO2 emissions at its power plants and stored underground in porous rocks,” said King.

The British government announced it will study the technology being developed by a consortium of energy firms, including British Petroleum, BP.

According to BP, this technology can save the same amount of CO2 that they produce 250,000 cars a year.