Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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By Kaito – Students meet Japanese Olympians!


“The word Musubi is Japanese and is a type of Knot. It symbolises the spirit of co-operation and working together.”

via google translate:


Southern Hills Community School, Keyworth and the Loughborough University is preparing to meet the Japan’s 2012 Olympic team next month.

It is found that the student organization of the most advanced educational workshops, the event will focus on Japanese language and culture.

Anne Rajakumar, head of East Asian languages in South Hills, said: “this is a great collaboration, this project is to take responsibility for all children to become something that is so special. Such projects is exactly what can be shown to children, we are very proud.


By Kaito: Japan student not cult hero

google translator: Media to promote a bad thing.

Cult hero: Tatsuya Ichihashi (back of picture) has attracted hundreds of fans after being arrested for the murder of British student Lindsay Ann Hawker

Social networking sites Mixi and 2Channel have been innundated with admirers who have awarded him elevated nicknames, such as Ichi-sama (Lord Ichi) and Tobo Oji (the fugitive prince).

Some content themselves with lavishing him with praise while others have fantasised about having sex with him. Bizarrely, some supporters claim he could not have murdered Miss Hawker, 22, as he looks ‘too kind.’

‘When he was arrested, I thought his dishevelled black hair and the line along his neck to his jaw made him look so sexy,’ one blogger wrote. ‘He’s really cool!’, another added.

Lindsay Ann Hawker

Lindsay Ann Hawker

The Gyotoku  police station where Ichihashi is awaiting trial has also been struggling to deal with a slew of fan mail –  Masumi Kurata, an expert on criminals and cults in Japan, said: ‘From his image on wanted posters, Ichihashi seemed like a hunk, and I suppose this had a strong impact on young women. They see him as a man of mystery, like a hero in a romantic comic story.

Aya Matsumoto, a clinical psychologist, added: ‘It was a very cruel crime, but it seems that people here are treating it almost as if it were entertainment.

‘It seems to me that anyone who appears on television here in Japan is immediately elevated to some sort of star and these people are unable or unwilling to associate Ichihashi with Miss Hawker’s death.

Miss Hawker’s family, from Brandon, in Warwickshire, have fought a desperate battle to bring their daughter’s killer to justice.



By Kaito in Japan – Playstation 3 – Japanese gamers in frenzy

Chaos ensued in Tokyo’s ‘geek district’ with the launch of ‘Final Fantasy XIII.’

Hordes of obsessed Japanese flooded electronics stores across the country in an attempt to pick up a copy of the game. Huge queues gathered outside the major game shops in Tokyo, with more than 300 people queuing in Akihabara at one point.

The game itself has received rave reviews across the Japanese gaming community and has set unprecedented sales for the already popular console. With around 4 million PS3 units sold in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII is now owned by more than 30 per cent of the PS3 owners. Sales of the Playstation 3 itself have increased by nearly 100,000.

Japanese Xbox owners are less fortunate. They will have to wait for the release of the game on their console.
Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Europe on March 9th 2010 on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

By Kaito/Japan- TED: liquid-filled eyeglasses!


Josh Silver demos adjustable liquid-filled eyeglasses.


hijō ni goku teion  iken no Googlehon’yaku

By Kaito – Aussie University Adds Course on Twitter

Griffith University

Social networking upstart Twitter has made the jump to academia’s hallowed halls, with ‘tweets’ made compulsory writing for would-be journalists at Griffith University.

“Some students’ tweets are not as in depth as you might like. But I don’t know if getting them to write an essay is any more beneficial,” said Jacqui Ewart, senior lecturer at the university.

Twitter microblogs have become an online phenomenon with users sending ‘tweets’ of up to 140 characters, or just a few words, to increasing numbers of ‘followers’.

Twitter is used more frequently by politicians, including Australia’s bookish Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who has asked followers to recommend movie choices and this week ‘tweeted’ about his visit to a rural bakery.


Students were using twitter as “an exercise in self-reflection,” Ewart said, citing increasing demand from employers for people to use social networking tools.

“Quite surprisingly, a lot of students didn’t know what Twitter was. There were a couple of really vocal students who were saying they couldn’t believe we were using it and thought it was a waste of time,” Ewart said.

sydney morning herald

By Kaito from Tokyo, top 10 student sites

Prepare for school in the US, this list search of  best websites for students

japan school

Site names are linked, just click.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Perfect for language studies, this handy Web site automatically converts text from one language into another, such as English to Simplified Chinese or French to English. Simply type and paste up to 10,000 characters (about 1,800 words) into the search window and then select the desired language. Alternatively, you can cut and paste a Web URL to convert the entire site.


Ever wanted to know why earthquakes happen? How CD burners work? What the sun is made of? These questions, and a large amount of others related to computers/electronics, automobiles, science, entertainment, and people, are all answered at this award-winning Web site. Simply type a query into the search window or peruse the topics by category. Extras include free newsletters, surveys, and printable versions of all answers.

Fact Monster

This site features an almanac, atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia made especially for kids, as well as handy search engine and layout designed for easy fact-finding. Check out fun features such as Biographies of the Presidents, the Geography Hall of Fame, and the Tallest Buildings Slideshow.


Consider Download.com the ultimate file repository that links to literally tens of thousands of downloadable free or shareware programs. This includes utilities for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, Internet tools, desktop dictionaries and language translators, Pocket PC and Palm applications, and of course, computer games. Visitors can search by typing in a keyword or by perusing the many sections.


Since 1995, Refdesk.com, which stands for “reference desk,” has served as a one-click springboard to many of the Web’s top dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators, atlases, news headlines, and search engines. The site also includes a handy “homework helper” section that provides help in all subjects to students in every grade.

MSN Encarta

The free MSN Encarta site features more than 4,500 articles pooled from Microsoft Encarta, the award-winning electronic reference library, and comes with dictionaries, maps, fast facts, interactive quizzes, handy homework tools, and more.

Shakespeare Online

This Web site can be filed in the “where was this when I was a kid?” category. On the aptly named Shakespeare Online site, visitors can read every play or poem from the world’s most celebrated writer and, more importantly, make some sense of his works with free analysis, Old English language translations, and famous quotes.


The Web’s answer to those black- and yellow-striped Cliff Notes is Novelguide.com, a reliable and free source for literary analysis of classic and contemporary books such as Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground. The site offers character profiles, metaphor and theme analysis, and author biographies.


This site provides help in a number of mathematics-related subjects, including basic grade-school math, calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. Practice exercises are automatically graded, plus this free site also features a glossary, calculators, homework tips, math games, and lesson plans for teachers.

Science Made Simple

Science classes—including the ubiquitous science project—aren’t as easy for some to grasp as for others. At Science Made Simple, kids of all ages can get detailed answers to many of science’s questions, read current news articles related to science, get ideas on school projects, and take advantage of unit conversion tables. Users can also find out if their school’s textbooks pass the test.


Article written by Marc Saltzman and adapted from an original piece from Microsoft Home Magazine.

Kaito – Japan mobile, Iran youth revolution





The use of the mobile device in Japan is common to record video of events on the street. We use the mobile phone to deliver video of events that celebrate holiday and street events. We do not have revolution on our streets.

It is very brave of the Iran youth to record the video and send to the world. This is true citizen involvement. In Japan it is very good to believe in citizen responsibility. We believe in the citizen and the right to share.

iran mobile revolution