Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Michael – Innovation vs. Invention

VHS Tapes?

This is hand-drawn

All of it. It’s not a photo and was recently created by an artist. I’m still trying to find the artist. So, someone will be drawing CD covers in 10 years since we download all our music. I am sure innovation trumps invention. With every new device people think the world will change overnight. The iPhone could be an exception. Things did change overnight. Otherwise, very few inventions changed the world as quickly. There was another tape format that looked just like these VHS tapes called “Betacam.” It didn’t last for home use, but was a breakthrough format for documentary makers and television stations. Most of us are innovators. Occasionally we think of something simple that hasn’t been made before. As this blog populates with more of you, discuss your innovation here. One of you will invent something new someday. The innovation that you collaborate with others will probably lead you there. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Sergei Brin. Inventors or Innovators? Or just great leaders?



  Cristo – Orihuela, Spain wrote @

From my point of view, innovations are just a step forward. After you have an invention that amazes the people or high efficiency or to do what no other invention can develop. So in my opinion, most innovations are not continuity of a great invention that has created a major innovation in its field

  Karla – Cicero, US wrote @

It is quite amazing to think how far we’ve come in technology in the last 30 years or so. I remember my sister telling me that when she was little in Mexico, my mom used to take to computer lessons, where the floppy disks were huge. I think we still have some getting dusty at home. I find it really cool that as we share our different backgrounds, we can talk of how technology and the innovations of inventions have affected our childhoods and our development as a whole.

  Aruna – Mumbai, India wrote @

I have never been to Mexico. I know Mexico City is much like Mumbai. I agree INNOVATIONS ARE A STEP FORWARD… I wonder how students our age who live in underdeveloped countries would feel if they had to all of a sudden use a computer everyday? Or even have a television. OR watch a movie. That’s all we take for granted. We know all about kids in Africa because we are connected. They probably know very little about about us. Let’s invent some way to let them know who we are.

  Salvador – Orihuela, Spain wrote @

I think that Cristo says is true.
Yes, it´s amazing to think how far we´ve came in technology I the last 30 years.
When my father was young, there wasn´t any computers, and he done everything with his hands, with no help.
My father´s university final project was a pig slaughterhouse, and he made it drawing on paper with no help.
Now, we´ve got CAD and CAM programs. Tat programs help you drawing an object, a building, painting it, putting the sizes, and with CAM programs connected with a machine making the product as you like.
So, many years ago it was more difficult to do that.
And, many years ago, if you had a friend, for example in Japan and if you wanted to talk with him, you had to send a letter. The action of sending a letter to japan is very expensive, and it arrives more than a month later. But now, with the internet people can talk with other people who live very far with instant messaging, and also you can see that person.
Now, in the school we learn how to use Microsoft, Linux, Microsoft Office, Openoffice, CAD programs, we create websites, and also computer games in java and flash. I like that.

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