Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Salvador – The technology creep (change)


In the past 10 years we have evolved from the analog to digital era and witnessed the technology revolution. Thanks to breakthrough advancement our entire culture is based on research. We all do it every time we engage with the web.

Decades ago people watched science fiction films. Now almost all the experimental stories of machines and blinking lights controlling our lives has just about come true. Even as recent as 2002 when the movie Minority Report (Tom Cruise) was released, Director Steven Spielberg researched with technologists their predictions of the future and how we would be engaged with a digital world.

Soon, we wont requre computers or mobile phones because we will have digital chips in our heads to compliment the newest breakthrough: Contact Lens Screens!

contact lens screen

contact lens screen

This is how we will navigate landing on Mars!


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