Rise of the Technology Class

These conversations are between students from Ecuador, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US who see technology serving a higher purpose: A counter-culture to their predecessors. This is evidence of a new type of generative class who apply technology to their creativity with art, music, science and involvement within the community. Their activity is transparent and active to our evolving civility. These multinational students are socially conscious storytellers. The Moderator of this conversation, Michael Davis is an Executive MBA graduate of Steinbeis University Germany, The Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Nicole – mobiles in Ecuador

Its interesting how people in Ecuador are always looking for the latest gadgets. For example,  i’ve heard from one of my teachers that people in Ecuador change their cellphones within a period of three months. is this normal in other places around the world?

please comment..

probably im the exception haha i just got a Blackberry as a birthday present. however i took a picture for you to know how often i change phones haha (im not joking!)



  Michael – Moderator, Chicago, US wrote @

Nicole, how often do you change your phone? Nice post.

  Ryan – Glenview, US wrote @

I have had a cellphone for the last five or six years and I have 4 phones in that time. I am pretty careful with my phone and really don’t need the latest and greatest so I keep my phone until verizon graces me with an upgrade. But with other people I see that they get new phones a lot becasue they always break theirs. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been with friends and one of their phones breaks. Aside from breaking, i will say that people are cellphone crazy. Just like the latest iPod, people need to have what is new and cool and i can’t blame them. The iPhone has a lightsaber app…nuff said.

  Cesar – Cicero, US wrote @

Well, Nicole, in cicero i do know a handful of people who do change their phones, but a highlighted charecter is , my brother that guy is nuts with accesories, he can get a phone just to match with his outfits…..?……who does that???….well its not normal here , but i see them doing it (just a buch of people)

  Salvador – Orihuela, Spain wrote @

n Spain happens the same.

People is always looking for the latest technologycal products.

Spanish people normally buy about one mobile phone every six or three months, but not a normal phone, a very good phone. Not all the people does that.

People normally buy a new computer every two years or a year, they buy the best computer.

Until now, people bought a lot of new and good cars, electro domestics, plasma TVs, almost all the people have a good car, a good tv…

And they change that when they see there´s a much better product.

It´s normal in Spain until now, because there´s a Serious economic crisis around the world, and now people makes it less.

  john wrote @

well here in cicero i say people change their phone every six months i change it every month because i always lose it or break it

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